Barbushco Native Bushfoods

Barbushco is a family owned business dedicated wholly to preserving the art of traditional Australian bush foods. We are a Certified Organic farm located in the picturesque Lorne Valley, some 40km south-west of Port Macquarie.

Barbushco cultivates a diverse range of organically grown indigenous foods, bush tucker, fruits, herbs and spices including traditional favourites such as bush dukkah, lemon tea tree oil, and a large selection of lemon myrtle products.

We also produce a large selection of new and innovative bush foods such as bush flavoured Italian style pasta, a dynamic range of sauces and syrups, as well as jams and spreads that will set your taste buds alight.

We have always strived to include a unique local influence in our produce and the fruits of this are borne out in products such as Dorrigo Pepper, Davidson Plum Chilli Sauce and Lilli Pilli Jam. Like all of the Barbushco range, these truly vibrant flavours have been achieved through many years of refinement and an exceptional understanding of Australian flora.

Simply put, we’ve taken a great product and made it even better.

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